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Founding Donors

The following committed funds are strengthening the permanent financial resources available through the Tartan Endowment to address the second century of core priorities for our Highland Park schools.

HPHS Fighting Scot

District Wide Greatest Needs

Armstrong Elementary PTA Legacy Fund  |  Boone Elementary PTO Legacy Fund

Bradfield Elementary PTA Legacy Fund    Highland Park High School PTA Legacy Fund   

Highland Park MIS/HPMS PTO Legacy Fund   Hyer Elementary PTA Legacy Fund 

La Fiesta de las Seis Banderas Legacy Fund  |  Park Cities Dads Club Legacy Fund 

University Park Elementary PTA Legacy Fund  |  Kamela and Kenneth Aboussie Legacy Fund 

Gayle and Jeff Barnes Legacy Fund    |  Barrett Family Legacy Fund

Julie and Louis Beecherl, Jr. Memorial Legacy Fund    |   Amy and Bryce Benson Legacy Fund

Mandy and Robert Blount Legacy Fund    |  Maryjane and Chris Bonfield Legacy Fund 

Marla and Mike Boone Legacy Fund    |  Meg and Chris Boyd Legacy Fund  |   Carpenter Family Legacy Fund

Margaret and Syd Carter Legacy Fund  |  Gail and Bob Clark Legacy Fund  

Leslie and Bill Cornog Legacy Fund  |  Crouch Family Legacy Fund

Lucky and Brooks Cullum Legacy Fund  |  Rochelle and Stuart Cullum Legacy Fund 

Bev and Larry Dale Legacy Fund  |  Dalton Family Legacy Fund

Maryann and Michael Denton, Jr. Legacy Fund  |  Dowler Legacy Fund 

Alyson and Robert Engstrom Legacy Fund  |  Meredith and Corby Ferrell Legacy Fund 

Ashley and Pete Flowers Legacy Fund  |  Friends of the Tartan Endowment

Margo and Bill Goodwin Legacy Fund  |  Gwinn Family Legacy Fund  |  The Halpin Family Legacy Fund 

Juli and Bob Harrison Family Legacy Fund  |  Libby and Brian Hegi Family Legacy Fund 

Laurie and Jim Hitzelberger Legacy Fund  |  The Hoglund Foundation Legacy Fund 

Elizabeth and Taylor Hunt Legacy Fund  |  Herbert and Nancy Hunt Family Legacy Fund 

Iliff Family Legacy Fund  |  Kerr Family Legacy Fund  |  Cindy and Guy Kerr Legacy Fund 

Langley Family Legacy Fund |  Ellen and Paul Lee Legacy Fund  |  The Litton Family Legacy Fund 

Anne and Preston Massey Legacy Fund  |  Lissie and Wayne McCullough Legacy Fund 

Carol and Patrick McEvoy, Jr. Legacy Fund  |  Katy and Kyler Miller Legacy Fund 

Sandy and Barry Moore Legacy Fund  |  Anna and Ryan Moss Legacy Fund 

Betsy and Cary Newman Legacy Fund  |  Denise and Ray Nixon Legacy Fund 

William D. Oates Memorial Legacy Fund  |  Lisa and Bill Ogle Legacy Fund 

Nancy M. O’Neil and John Q. Stilwell Family Legacy Fund  |  Connie Blass O'Neill Legacy Fund 

Park Family Foundation Legacy Fund  |  Holly and Phillip Philbin Legacy Fund  |  Pincoffs Family Legacy Fund   Prichard Family Legacy Fund  |  Rees-Jones Legacy Fund  |  Rowsey Family Legacy Fund 

Marcy Wilson Sands Family Legacy Fund  |  Jean and Jason Signor Legacy Fund 

Kacy and Carter Tolleson Legacy Fund  |  Steve and Lee Ann Van Amburgh Family Legacy Fund  

Garry Weber Foundation Legacy Fund  |  Brenda and Bob White Legacy Fund

The Yeaman Family Legacy Fund

Designated for
department or program needs


Barbara and Ben Cervin Family Legacy Fund

Janis and Roy Coffee, Jr. Legacy Fund

for Teacher and Staff Salaries


Kathy and Bob Craine Legacy Fund

for Teacher and Staff Salaries


Judy and Jim Gibbs Legacy Fund

for Teacher and Staff Salaries


Libby and Brian Hegi Men's Cross Country Legacy Fund


Janelle and Adam Hickey Legacy Fund

for Special Education


Jill and Carter Malouf Visual Arts Impact Legacy Fund


Park Cities Dads Club Teachers Cup Legacy Fund

for Teacher and Staff Salaries


Holly and Phillip Philbin Legacy Fund

for Men’s Cross Country


Susan Rhoads HPHS Library Legacy Fund

other endowed funds established during
Lead for tomorrow

Carolyn and Randy Allen Fund for

Highland Park Football

*As of August 29, 2023

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