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HPISD Heart at Work Winners

Our Vision

Campaign Goals

Is there another school district in Texas – or anywhere – that can match the historic record of excellence and achievement of Highland Park Schools? Our graduates have compiled honors and awards like Nobel, Pulitzer, Tony, Grammy, Heisman, Cy Young, Ryder Cup and Olympic Gold. Many more have led distinguished careers in a vast array of fields and roles including astronaut, governor, mayor, dean, teacher, doctor, attorney, entrepreneur, actor, artist and scientist.


Beyond academic excellence, the Highland Park experience also develops students of character, compassion and responsibility. Generations of students have entered their school under the words etched in stone, “Enter to Learn. Go Forth to Serve.”


More than a motto, this is our abiding belief in the lifelong potential of every student to be not only successful, but also improve the lives of others in their community or across the world.


The Class of 2024 represents the first class to graduate in the second century of the Highland Park Independent School District. This historic milestone calls for an equally momentous endeavor to ensure our tradition of excellence continues

throughout the next century.

  • Empower HPISD with the resources to increase teacher salaries to competitive levels

  • Support every school in the district through new endowed funds designated by donors specifically to support academic programs and activities

  • Position HPISD to be financially adaptable to future challenges

  • Positively impact residential property values in the Park Cities by strengthening the permanent financial resources available to HPISD that are not subject to state control

  • Ensure the continued legacy of academic, arts and athletic achievement established by HPISD's first century

LFT Funds as of 3.31.24.png

as of April 30

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